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Pleasure Boat Insurance

Set Sail towards Safety!
Owning Private Boats can be a real pleasure, but Accidents might happen.
AROPE Insurance provides you with a broad coverage tailored to your needs to enjoy a Safe Journey.

Basic Covers
•  Third Party Liability covering Material Damages & Bodily Injuries Up to Vessel Value
•  Loss/Damage to the Hull & Machinery caused by Named Perils Up to Vessel Value

Optional Covers
•  Additional Machinery Damage Up to Vessel Value
•  Personal Effects up to USD 500
•  War, Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotions (SRCC) Up to Vessel Value

Eligibility Criteria
•  Vessels Usage should be restricted to "Private Pleasure" and mentioned in
   the Vessel Official ID
•  Vessel should have a valid Cruising License  

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