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Pleasure Boat Insurance

NB: Our sales team will assist you after submitting the application form. This is not an automated request thus you will not receive an instant reply

Set Sail towards Safety!
Owning Private Boats can be a real pleasure, but Accidents might happen.
AROPE Insurance provides you with a broad coverage tailored to your needs to enjoy a Safe Journey.

Basic Covers
•  Third Party Liability covering Material Damages & Bodily Injuries Up to Vessel Value
•  Loss/Damage to the Hull & Machinery caused by Named Perils Up to Vessel Value

Optional Covers
•  Additional Machinery Damage Up to Vessel Value
•  Personal Effects up to USD 500
•  War, Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotions (SRCC) Up to Vessel Value

Eligibility Criteria
•  Vessels Usage should be restricted to "Private Pleasure" and mentioned in
   the Vessel Official ID
•  Vessel should have a valid Cruising License  

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