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Household Multi-Risks insurance

NB: Our sales team will assist you after submitting the application form. This is not an automated request thus you will not receive an instant reply

Insure your Property ..... Properly!
Protect your Residence and its Content against many Hazards.
For you, the Security and Safety Measures installed are enough but you still need to protect yourself against Potential Risks including Fire, Burglary, General Third Party Liability & other Perils.

Basic Covers
•  Material Damage of the Insured Property (Construction & Content) resulting from Fire
•  Burglary of Content following Forcible Entry
•  General Third Party Liability covering Bodily Injuries & Material Damages occuring in the
   Insured Property

Optional Covers
•  Neighbors Recourse
•  Tenant Recourse
•  Loss of Rent
•  Debris Removal
•  Architects & Surveyors Fees
•  Earthquake, Storm, Tempest & Flood
•  Water Damage (Bursting &/or overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes)
•  Plate Glass

Residence Construction Value = USD 200,000
Residence Content Value = USD 50,000


Financial Limitation


 USD 200,000


 USD 25,000

General Third Party Liability

 USD 20,000  

Annual Premium  

 USD 230

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