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"TA3LEEM" Education Plan
Small Steps, Better Future!
Offer your beloved little ones a Bright Future.
AROPE "Ta3leem" Plan provides you with a genuine opportunity to ensure a better future for your Daughter/Son, Niece/Nephew,....
Start Saving today as little as USD 50 per month and benefit from a Guaranteed Rate of Return for 3 Consecutive Years.
Different Payment Frequencies are available: Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, & Yearly.

Basic Cover

•  Death: Natural, Accidental or due to Sickness

Optional Covers
•  Total & Permanent Disability due to Sickness or Accident
•  Term Life
•  Additional Benefit in case of Accidental Death or Disability
•  Passive War Risk
•  Terrorism Cover
•  Critical Illness (Policyholder)
•  Schooling Fees
•  Family Income Benefit
•  Juvenile Critical Illness (Child)

Eligibility Criteria
•  Policyholder Entry Age should be between 18 & 65 Years
•  Child Entry Age should be less than 18 Years



Policyholder Age

Child Age

Monthly Premium

Total Premium Settled

Available Amount for University Education*

28 Years

4 Years




30 Years

2 Years




33 Years

3 Years




Calculated at a Rate of Return 6% and Yearly School Education of $2,000 covering War.
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